Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

After two years of residency (2013-2014) focused on the filmmaker Maxime Cotton and the production of two of his films, Unknown Soldier and Small stories before going to sleep, the CVB joined up with the GSARA to create a common filmmakers’ residency.

During this one-year residency, two filmmakers - with different and complementary disciplines – will converse about cinema and images and discuss their own artistic practices: production, film making, stories, backgrounds, promotions, techniques, themes… This dialogue will take the artistic form they wish to give it, exchanging pictures, texts, personal work, coproductions, recorded conversations, their reflections and personal notes …

The whole process will be the subject of 3 public presentations in May, October and December 2015. The idea is to achieve the publication of a final book / DVD by the end of the residency.

We want to provide residents with unique and original conditions to work, exercise their discipline and explore their own artistic approach.

These conditions include:

  • A given time of one year;
  • A fixed grant dedicated to writing;
  • Access to all technical equipment required;
  • Special attention and support for their creative process;
  • Specific support in terms of communication, promotion and broadcast.

The 2015 Residency welcomes Dekegel Olivier and Emmanuel Van der Auwera.