Vidéo Éducation permanente

When Videp created this annual day of reflection and circulation in 2006 it had a dual intention: on the one hand, to help community-based organisations (family planning clinics, child custody assistance, etc.) find out about films designed (or not) as social awareness tools and on the other hand to help social awareness and audiovisual professionals look at the relevance of the “film as tool” as a social awareness vehicle.

Organisation of the day is in collaboration with the Groupe Santé Josaphat and the Fédération laïque de centres de planning familial and in particular with CEDIF, a Documentation Centre specialising in issues relating to family planning, and more widely, our emotional and sexual lives.

In 2008 we were joined by the Brussels AMO Platform (Associations en Milieu Ouvert - Child Custody Organisations).

If you would like to take part in or attend this day, let us know by contacting:

Martine Depauw -
or +32 (0)2 221 10 61
Claudine Van O -
or + 32 (0)2 221 10 62