Vidéo Éducation permanente

Videp is developing a promotion and circulation service. The work is based around four main axes:

  • Arranging public premieres and screenings / meetings / discussions based on themes
  • Promoting the catalogue at film festivals in Belgium and abroad
  • Looking for possible circulation networks, in audiovisual media and organisation based circuits
  • Film distribution in the form of DVD publishing via 2 collections: The Community Partner and the Workshop.

The circulation policy is set in motion from the outset of a new project through continuous dialogue between the sector manager and the film’s creators/stakeholders.

Videp is also behind the Films, social awareness tools initiative, an annual event where films as social awareness tools are screened and their use discussed.

Consult the online “catalogue” to view all Videp production and to order one or more films.


Claudine Van O, Promotion-Circulation Manager
+32 (0)2 221 10 62

Philippe Cotte, promotion-circulation
+32 (0)2 221 10 67