Vidéo Éducation permanente

Vidéo Education Permanente for Learning focusing on Media, Critical Analysis and Citizenship.

Since 1995 it has been Videp asbl’s goal to produce and create video works / learning tools and to lead and organise video workshops. Videp is in the main intended for the general public and organisations working with the general public, either on their own initiative or arising from projects proposed by community-based initiatives. Videp also coordinates the youth project Coup2Pouce, a weekly television programme broadcast on Télé Bruxelles.

Videp asbl’s philosophy is to work closely with partners from project development through to screening of the film. It is therefore about sharing competencies, with our main task being to create a participative working environment aiming to involve participants in autonomous processes and critical analysis of society. This entails a real pooling of all the various contributions – by participants, organisations, filmmakers, animators – in the search for closeness and creativity. Participants experience a real “audiovisual adventure”; not only do the proposed work processes amount to a technical and critical introduction to the audiovisual world but they also lead participants to question issues relating to the entire continuing education process.

We have a choice between a clash of cultures and the work of reinterpretation and broadening of cultural horizons which every individual can work at and which institutions, schools and especially media forms should encourage.

We need to move towards a cultural individualism, to create a cultural, personal and collective mindset which pushes to the limits, but always in a particular way, as part of the great work of reconstructing the world.

Alain Touraine